Let us handle the mosquito removal you need in Bakersfield, CA

No amount of calamine lotion or home remedies can beat eliminating the mosquitos in the first place. Ugott Pest Control provides mosquito removal services to keep your backyard bug-free. Enjoy your summer without having to swat away mosquitos every five minutes.

Order our mosquito removal services now in Bakersfield, CA.

Keep mosquitos off your property

Our mosquito control measures can make sitting outside a lot more pleasant. You don't have to wear sticky bug spray just to have a conversation on your patio. We'll stop mosquitos from using your pool as their breeding ground. As authorized dealers of In2Care mosquito traps, we've got the equipment needed to control the mosquito population in your yard.

Our services are great for keeping mosquitoes away from:

  • Pools
  • Fountains
  • Golf courses

Let us know right away when you need mosquito control in Bakersfield, CA.